Terms of sale

Terms of sale

Terms of sale for online services Ljósmyndavörur ehf.

1. Definitions
Ljósmyndavörur hereinafter referred to as "seller". Customer hereinafter referred to as "Buyer". Product, the product ordered through the seller's website.

2. Shipping
The buyer always bears all the costs of shipping the product.

3.Failure to retrieve product
If the product is not picked up within the agreed time, the seller reserves the right to send it to the buyer at his expense or, alternatively, to take care of the item at the buyer's expense in a manner that is reasonable given the circumstances. Can the seller demand a storage and/or administration fee from the buyer for the care of the product after the agreed delivery time.

4. Transfer of risk
The buyer is responsible for the product from the time it is delivered to him or it is delivered to the carrier in case of shipment.

5. Delivery delay
If there is a delay in the delivery of the product to the buyer due to circumstances beyond the seller's control, the seller is not responsible for direct or indirect damage that may occur as a result of the delivery delay. The same applies if the delivery of a product is delayed because it arrives late or is defective from a foreign supplier.

6. Product return
All products ordered on our print website are custom made for the buyer. As soon as the buyer orders a product and confirms payment, costs will be incurred by the seller and third parties that cannot be reimbursed.
In individual cases, the production of a product can be stopped, in which case the purchase price can be refunded minus costs.
Upon product return, the buyer receives a credit note from the seller for the value of the purchase price less costs. Refunds will not be made by the seller upon product return.
If a product has a manufacturing defect, the seller can replace it with a new product or a refund.

7. Cancellation
The buyer is not allowed to cancel a product ordered on the print website, except in exchange for paying the seller all the damage he suffers as a result of the cancellation, including costs incurred (raw materials, work, etc.), royalties to third parties, etc. .

8. Warranties and Limitations of Liability
The warranty period is calculated from the date of the invoice. In the case of a consumer purchase, the rules of the Act on Liquid Asset Purchases no. 50/2000 on the warranty period for defects. If it is a purchase due to commercial activity, the warranty period is twelve months. The seller's warranty will not be effective until delivery of an invoice.
If it turns out during the warranty period that the product has a manufacturing and/or material defect, the seller is authorized to compensate for the defect at his own expense. The buyer is responsible for the cost of transporting the product for repair.
The buyer has no claims against the seller due to the characteristics of the purchased item that he was aware of or could have been aware of during the purchase.
The seller is not responsible for consequential damages due to product defects during the warranty period. The seller is not responsible for any consequential damages that may occur from the use of the product.
The warranty for the sold product is canceled if:
Damage will be caused by mishandling, abuse or other incidents that are attributed to the buyer (or to a party for which he is responsible).
This is normal wear and tear due to product use.
Repair or attempted repair has taken place without the involvement of the seller's employees.

Other than what is stated above, the seller waives responsibility for the sold products to the extent permitted by law.

9. Liability for Damages
Liability for damages depends on Act no. 25/1991 on liability for damages. The seller disclaims responsibility for such damage to the extent permitted by law.