Scanning of images

We scan and fix old photos. Please note that images thst have a photographers watermark are subject to copyright and therefore may not be scanned without the permission of the copyright holder. The same goes for pictures in books and magazines. The price for scanning, dusting, minor corrections and printing is:

Scan of the first photo 10x15 ISK. 795.-

Extra copy 10x15 ISK. 50.-

Scan +2 photos 10x15 ISK. 490.-

Scan 13x18 ISK. 795.-

Scan 15x20 ISK. 895.-

Scan 18x24 ISK. 1,050.-

Scan 20x30 ISK. 1,200.-

Smaller repairs cost between ISK. 450-750.- and larger for larger corrections/photoshop work is charged ISK. 1,500.- per 15 min.

Scan size is 300dpi in print size and the image is in jpg format.