Smart Print

Fujifilm SmartPrint is a system for printing photos directly from smartphones, while you wait*. the sizes available are 10x10cm & 10x15cm in glossy and 13x13 & 13x18 in matte. You can find all other sizes on our online order system:

A very short introductory video about Smartprint

To use SmartPrint, you start by downloading the SmartPrint app

For Android

For iPhone

Then choose Ljósmyndavörur as your printing destination. You can do this wherever you have an internet connection.

Once you have installed the App, you can then select the images on your phone. When the order is ready, you stop by the store:



Go to checkout and pay

Then scan the QR code on the SmartPrint station with your phone, the printer then prints your photos

For Android phones, they need to have a QR code reader installed. iOS users with updated phones can use the camera on their phones.

The price for 10×10 and 10×15 is ISK 50 per image. Starting fee is ISK 550, order more photos or more copies to get up to 10 photos for the same price.

*For smaller orders, printing will inevitably take time.