Privacy policy

 Privacy policy Ljósmyndavörur ehf.

     1.In general

Personal data protection is importaant at Ljósmynadvörur ehf. . The privacy policy covers personal information, whether it is collected and stored electronically, on paper or by other similar means. The privacy policy covers the registration, processing, storage and sharing of personal information. The policy is available on our website.

       2. Personal protection legislation

The processing of personal information is subject to the law on personal data protection and the processing of personal information as it is at any given time.

       3. Responsibilty

Ljósmyndavörur ehf. are responsible for the registration of personal information and the handling of that information in their activities. Ljósmyndavörur ehf. Skipholti 31, 105 Reykjavík, is the legal administrator of the personal information you provide to the company. You can contact the office of Ljósmyndavóður ehf. by sending a written inquiry to

         4. Collection and use of personal information

You can view and use the website of Ljósmyndavörur ehf. without revealing personal information. Ljósmyndavörur ehf. does not collect information that your browser sends when you use the company's services, i.e. data that may include information such as your IP address, browser type, browser version, the pages of the Service you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time you spent on those pages and other numerical data.

Ljósmyndavörur ehf. uses your personal information to provide and improve its services. You agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy by using the services of Ljósmyndavörur ehf. or the company's websites. By providing Ljósmyndavörur ehf. personal data after familiarizing yourself with the company's privacy policy, you accept the policy's terms and conditions.

       5. Mediation

Great emphasis is placed on protecting personal information as much as possible. Personal information will not be accessible to anyone other than the staff of Ljósmyndavörur ehf.

We will not sell, rent or share your personal information. We will not share your personal information with third parties without your consent to the sharing. You can refuse such communication except when we are obliged to do so by law or when it is considered necessary to establish or defend a legal claim. Please note that any content you post or share on our social media sites is public information.

       6. Third parties

Content on the website of Ljósmyndavörur ehf. has links to sites that Ljósmyndavörur ehf. do not control. If you click on a link from a third party, you will leave our site and go to that third party's website. We strongly recommend that you review the privacy policies of those sites separately.

Our privacy policy does not cover the information or processing of third parties, as we have no control over, nor are we responsible for, their use, disclosure, sharing or processing of personal information. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of the parties you visit, including but not limited to, companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft, Valitor, Borgun and other payment services you choose to use.

       7. Protection

Ljósmyndavörur ehf. focuses on protecting all personal information. Ljósmyndavörur ehf. will notify you as soon as possible if there is a breach of security with respect to your personal information. A breach of security means a breach of security that leads to the unintentional or unlawful destruction of personal information or that it is lost, changed, disclosed or accessed without permission

Your attention is drawn to the fact that you are responsible for personal information, such as name, Kennitala and photos, that you choose to share or send on a public forum e.g. through the Facebook page of Ljósmyndavörur ehf. We would also like to note that data transmission on the Internet is never completely secure. You are therefore advised to notify us immediately if you believe there is a risk that certain information you have given us is at risk.

       8. Preservation

Photography products ehf. makes every effort to keep personal information about you accurate and reliable and updates it as necessary. If we decide that we are not permitted to retain it further, we will stop all processing of the personal data from that time. If there is a possibility that the personal data may be needed later to fulfill legal obligations, e.g. towards the government, or to file or defend a legal claim, we will make a copy of the relevant personal information and keep it in a secure form for as long as necessary.

       9. Your rights

You have the right to and can request specific information by sending a written inquiry to

a) to find out what personal information is recorded about you and how it was created and to get access to the personal information,

b) to receive information about how personal information about you is processed,

c) that personal information about you is updated and corrected,

 d) that personal information about you is deleted, if there is no longer a valid reason to keep it,

e) to object to and/or limit the way personal data is processed,

f) to receive personal data that you have provided to us or that it is sent directly to another party with the restrictions set by the rights and freedoms of others,

h) to withdraw your consent to processing when processing is based on that authorization in the same way as you gave it or by sending us a written inquiry,

I) to receive information about whether automatic decision-making takes place, including the creation of a personal profile and the reasons behind it, as well as the meaning and intended consequences of such processing.

Your request will be considered and the information provided to you, when applicable, within a reasonable time, subject to the limitations imposed by the rights and freedoms of others, including due to trade secrets and intellectual property rights. Please note that a separate photocopying fee is charged if more than one copy is requested. You will be notified and given an explanation if there is a delay in processing or if it is not possible to comply with the request in full no later than one month after its receipt. You can complain to Data protection authority if we refuse to provide you with certain information.

       10. Children's privacy

Personal information about children under the age of 13 is not collected.

       11. Changes to the privacy policy of Ljósmyndavörur ehf.

The privacy policy is reviewed regularly and may therefore be subject to change. Ljósmyndavörur ehf. will announce any changes by publishing a new privacy policy on the company's website. You are therefore advised to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy regularly, but changes to the policy enter into force upon publication on the company's website. When material changes are made that may have some effect on your rights, we will notify you separately. We welcome any comments about the privacy policy and encourage you to send us an inquiry.